Missions Outreach Update

Please visit the Outreach Bulletin Board in the gym to read the latest newsletters from the Nachos, Das and Haddad families, and from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary.  New updated prayer cards for our CBM Partners in Mission are also available in the lobby and the foyer. Elie Haddad recently wrote to us:  “Support for the scholarship of ABTS students has allowed us to equip many more leaders for the Church in the Arab world. As you know, this is a critical time in our region. The conflicts and instability continue. However, God is using this instability for the Gospel to penetrate into areas and people groups that were not previously open to the message. We are grateful to God that He has given us a role in this equipping ministry, and we are grateful for partners like Altadore Baptist whom God uses to empower us and enable us to fulfill this role.”

Mark your calendar for Sunday, May 28th when Terry Smith from CBM will speak during the morning service. The service will be followed by a question and answer session in the lounge so you can gain a better under-standing of what our denomination is doing and of their vision for reaching out to a “broken world.”  Muffins and cheese, coffee and tea will be served.

The Outreach Bulletin Board in the gym also has more information about the Good Soil project that our Easter offering is going towards. We are happy to report that thanks to you, through gifts like Fill a Stable, you helped CBM raise almost $25,000! (That includes 654 chickens!)