Thank You Rundle Academy!

Thank you to the Grade 12 students from Rundle Academy next door. Part of their curriculum includes “being in service to others”, and for the past few years they have come here to spend an hour cleaning pews, chairs, tables and toys around the building. They do a lot of work in a short time and we very much appreciate their efforts! We also thank Ron Willson and Jill Malcolm for coming in to help supervise.

International Development Week

Next week is International Development Week 2019 & we are inviting you to take the time to celebrate & support the difference Canadian aid is making around the world. This year’s theme is “Together for Gender Equality.” Women are often more affected by hunger & shoulder a disproportionate responsibility for growing food for their families in many developing countries. We will be talking about this more. In the meantime here are some things you can do:

 Create & post a video on social media saying why you support & celebrate Canadian aid, or reading the postcard text, using the hashtags #IDW2019, #MoreCanada & #CanadaforHer.

 Send a note to your MP encouraging the government to increase its commitment to international assistance, so that more people can enjoy full, peaceful & productive lives.

 Visit the IDW2019 website to share your story about making a difference, get ideas for taking action, or to find events happening in your area.

Thank you from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for joining with thousands of other Canadians and taking action this International Development Week!

Coldest Night of the Year

Consider helping raise funds and awareness to support The Mustard Seed by participating in the Coldest Night of the Year fundraising walk on Saturday, February 23rd. They even have a generous donor who is going to match all funds raised at the Calgary East event, up to a total of $20,000. When you run, walk or help spread the word about this event, what you’re really doing is giving a hot meal, a cup of coffee or a safe place to sleep, to a person who is homeless and hungry in your own community. Last year The Mustard Seed showed that when people come together they can accomplish amazing things! With so many people out of work and in need of food and shelter, they need all the support they can get! So, consider running, walking, volunteering or supporting someone who is participating. More info can be found at

Advent Giving

Advent offerings will be going towards the gift of a home for Syrians refugees. Some have started to return to Syria because they long for their homes. However, many have lost everything and are left with nothing to go back to. Returning to their country or hometown can be even more uncertain than staying where they have sought refuge, but still some are returning. One of the important ways to rebuild one's life is to have a home. As a church we are asking you to contribute to a gift from the Hopeful Gifts for Change Gift Catalogue from CBM (Canadian Baptist Ministries) by using the special Advent envelopes or by marking a regular envelope. We hope through your gifts to be able to give at least $1000 to CBM to help build a home for a Syrian refugee family. At Christmas it is especially meaningful to consider helping refugees since Jesus was a refugee as a child with his family in Egypt. Please consider giving to the Advent Gift.

We are also collecting tangible gifts on our Giving Tree for clients of the Mustard Seed:

  • underwear (new)

  • transit tickets

  • warm hat/toque

  • flashlight or book light

  • warm gloves (not mittens)

  • travel mug (no ceramics please)

  • Tim Horton’s/McDonald’s/Dollar Store gift card

  • men: sport hat / women: costume jewelry

  • crossword/word game puzzle/etc.

  • ear plugs, travel size tissue, small first aid kit

  • Hygiene items (toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, hairbrush /comb, lip balm, disposable razors, nail kits, etc.)

  • Christmas card or note of encouragement
    (sign with first name only)

Please do not donate: candy, chocolate, hand warmers, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, or perfume. If you would like to give money, it will be used to buy backpacks to put the above items in.

Christmas Concerts to Enjoy

  • First Baptist Church Christmas Concert, Sun Dec 9 at 7 pm, enjoy choir, handbell, piano and pipe organ music. No charge, but donations for Mustard Seed.

  • ARCS 15th Annual Something Christmas, Dec 9 & 10, River Park Church, tickets at

  • CORE Christmas Celebration, Dec 16, 7 pm, First Baptist, an evening of Christmas carol singing, traditional Christmas music with selections from Handel's Messiah by choirs, soloists and orchestra.

Update from the Leadership Core

Vulnerable Persons Policy Review - Thank you to all who attended the review of the policy on Sunday. There will be another review after the Kairos Blanket Exercise on Sunday, November 25th. It is a requirement of ABC’s insurance to have a Vulnerable Person Policy and to review it periodically with volunteers and staff. Staff and volunteers involved in children’s ministries, nursery, youth group, Playtime, visiting seniors or other vulnerable persons in their home or transporting children or youth are required to review the policy and attend a review session. Please plan to attend on November 25th if you were not able to join us last Sunday and if you are involved in any of these ministries.

Door Repair - The glass doors into the main foyer of the church are in need of repair and brought up to current building code. This will proceed shortly.

Locking of Glass Doors - The glass doors into the main foyer of the church will be locked on Sunday mornings at approximately 10:15. A sign will ask latecomers to use the wooden sanctuary doors. This is being done to provide greater security for the volunteers and children in the nursery and for the church’s and personal possessions. Everyone is encouraged to arrive at church early and enter the sanctuary prior to the start of the worship service.

Update from the Leadership Core

Dream Team Report: At the Congregation Business meeting on October 21st, the membership approved the following motion: That the membership accept the report of the Dreams Team and the Leadership Core’s Response to the Dreams Team Report. And further direct the Leadership Core to pursue the recommendations and activities in the Leadership Core’s Response document as opportunities arise and volunteer resources come forward. We are now looking for volunteers who are willing to work in the IN Community Ministry in either the Indigenous or Community initiatives. Many resources are available for each of these and there is a budget of approximately $12,000. Please speak to any of the Leadership Core if God is calling you to serve His ministry in this way and please keep these opportunities in prayer.

65th Anniversary: 2019 is the 65th anniversary of the opening of the gymnasium portion of our church building and we would like to celebrate. Will you help with ideas, planning or organizing any part of this celebration? Please let the church office know.

Hiring of part time Associate Pastor of Christian Education: At the Special Business Meeting held on October 21st, the membership voted unanimously to hire Sebastian Dykstra for this position. Sebastian has accepted the position and will be starting with us on January 2nd. Please prayer for Sebastian & for us as we look to the future of our Christian Education ministry.

CBM Emergency Response: Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami 2018

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami has devastated Indonesia’s Sulawesi island. The disaster has claimed more than 1,300 lives and has left over 61,000 people displaced and injured. They are in desperate need of food, water and shelter. Homes and buildings have been destroyed, and many survivors are still missing loved ones.

CBM will be working through the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development’s global network to respond to the crisis in Indonesia. You can donate at Your donation will help provide food, supplies and psychosocial support to those in need. Thank you for your generosity and faithful support.

Church Life Announcements

  • Our church is built on the pillar of prayer. Praying Together is a new small group that will be meeting at 7:30 pm in the church lounge on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month starting next week to pray for our church and our church family. This is an open invitation and opportunity to join us!

  • Do plan to join us on Sunday Oct 21st for our Fall Congregational meeting where we will be updating you on recent church activities. Potluck muffins, fruit and cheese will be served; sign up with Trudy.

  • A huge THANK YOU to our fabulous decorating team for the beautiful fall display at the front of the sanctuary. Better than the one outside, lol!

  • Advent starts December 2. If you would like a short-term commitment with few meetings and working with great people, join our Advent Planning committee. Please contact the church office if you can help.

Thanksgiving Offering

Our Thanksgiving offering will be given to the Foothills Growing Project. We want to continue to bless and encourage the farmers from High River Baptist as they have suffered hardship this year with drought and a severe hailstorm in July that took 30 acres of barley which was to be donated. In spite of the challenges they have faced they believe that God will do amazing things with what they have. Let’s come alongside their growing project to help end global hunger.

We would also encourage everyone to bring a food bank item to give to needy families connected to our church.

CE Associate Pastor Announcement

The Leadership Core is pleased to advise that we have a candidate for the part-time position of Associate Pastor for Christian Education to propose to the membership. The Candidate will be with us on Sunday, October 14th for a ‘Meet and Greet” opportunity. Details about the candidate will be circulated prior to Oct 14th.

Accordingly a Special Meeting to vote on the hiring of the candidate to the part time position of Associate Pastor of Christian Education will be held on Sunday, October 21 following the regular Congregation Business Meeting. Proxies will be available from the office.

Church Life Announcements

  • Are you interested in learning more about Baptism? Join us in the lounge after the services, starting next Sunday, Sep 30th, for Adult Learning.

  • Do you have the gift of creativity? Love flowers and decorating? We are needing to bolster our decorating committee. If you can help with making our sanctuary beautiful please contact the church office.

  • We have had a good start to our Playtime in the Village outreach. We enjoy meeting the new people coming and renewing friendships with returning people. Please spread the word and invite others to join us on Tuesdays at 9:30 am.

  • We have already received letters and phone calls from those that we prayed for during our prayer walk, thanking us for our caring and prayers. Let’s continue to cover this neighbourhood and our own neighbourhoods with prayer.

  • The Ladies Small Group Bible Study has resumed for the fall; women are welcome to join at any time. They meet on alternate Monday’s at 1 pm at the church; contact the church office for more info.

Farewell to the Peter’s Family

Join us Sept 23rd for this special Sunday service as Darson & McQuina are baptised, and as Lara shares what’s on her heart for her church family. After the service we will have cake & coffee in the gym so you will have the chance to wish them well in their marriage and their new life in Edmonton. Note that there will be a group cash wedding gift for Lara and Shawn from our Church family. If you would like to contribute to it, please contact Marilyn by September 16th.

Update from the Leadership Core

We are pleased to confirm the plans for Sunday School and Youth Group for the fall.

Alicia has been engaged to plan and organize the materials for a Sunday School curriculum for ages 3 to 11 from now until January. The concept is to offer a ‘one room’ school program given the number of children and resources available. Linda R has been reaching out to people to be teachers or helpers for the program. If you are interested and can offer a Sunday or two please let Linda R know. Alicia will do the schedule based on people’s availability. Sunday School will start on September 16th when we will also be having our Celebration Sunday service and potluck lunch. The Pray and Play program will continue this Sunday, September 9th.

Phil D has been engaged (with the support of Jade) to plan and lead a mid-week Youth Group every 2 weeks starting September 14th for ages 12 to 17. Again because of numbers and resources this will be a joint program for all.

Please pray for our Sunday School and Youth Group programs / activities and the leaders / volunteers. May God bless the children and young people who will be attending these programs.

Special Business Meeting

There will be a Special Business Meeting on Sunday, July 29 following the service to approve hiring the Associate Pastor if we have a candidate to recommend. Proxies will be available in the church foyer on Sunday, July 15th and 22nd, and will also be sent out via email. As the hiring of a pastor must be done at a Special Business Meeting that requires a higher percentage of the membership to vote, we ask that you plan to attend on July 29 or use a proxy.

Refugee Sponsorship Update

Over 2 years ago, ABC agreed to be a ‘Signature Only Sponsor’ in cooperation with CBWC for Dr. Aws M. who was financially sponsoring his cousin and family as refugees to Canada. The arrangement was that Dr. M. had the financial resources required by the Canadian Government to support the family for one year before the application could be approved. Every sponsor is required to make application through an organization which is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder. CBWC is such an organization but cannot provide actual support for applications. So ABC stepped in to be a signature only sponsor.

ABC was a co-signatory on the bank account in which the required amount of money was held. The good news is that Dr. M’s cousin, Ahmed, along with his wife and 2 children, finally arrived in Canada in May. In the meantime Dr. M obtained a position at a hospital in Grand Prairie so Ahmed and his family moved to Grand Prairie when they arrived. Dr. M had secured accommodation for them and has been helping with all of the transitioning. Reports are the family is doing very well, and they have postdated cheques to draw on the money held in the bank account over the next year.