We strive to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for those attending regular and special events at Altadore Baptist Church through the provision of refreshment, both physical and spiritual. Team members facilitate coffee or other light refreshments for Sunday mornings, as well as at other seasonal events including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. They also coordinate meals at many of our special events such as congregational meetings, church picnics, baptisms, funerals, showers and other gatherings.  We're a church that LOVES to celebrate with FOOD! The hospitality team are also privileged to often be working in conjunction with other ministries to support their initiatives.  

Come and gather at our table and join the soul feast - your stomach will thank you!

Be Thou Our “Hospitality” Vision

Be Thou our Vision we celebrate life!
For all events; cut the cake, get a knife,
Serve up the potluck, please bring out some more.
Fair Trade is our coffee, juice & bread we adore.

We seek to move deeper and higher with Thee!
Spring Faire cookies, beans one two and three,
Welcome our new staff, goodbye those who leave,
Congrats for your 10th year, enjoy your reprieve.

Join all the ministries to help with events;
Love to help things go smoothly, please no dents!
Outreach in summer, fall picnic a must...
Sorry to leadership – our budget is bust!

Gather all families to celebrate joys:
Showers for weddings, and babes, girls and boys!
Sorrows they pain us with passing of friends;
Hugs, love and laughter are the healing that mends.

Advent upon us, it’s busy for all;
Baking and parties and decking the hall!
A pastor to induct, and lunch for the kids;
So much to do yet, may we not blow our lids!