Care Group Lunches

...they ate together with gland and sincere hearts - Acts 2:46b, speaking of the first Christians

Care groups are a way of breaking the church into smaller informal groups where you can get to know others within our church. Our hope is that over time and through various formal and informal gatherings  a greater sense of community will develop within these groups, that you will seek each other out, listen to each other, care and pray for each other. We have attempted to put all individuals/couples or families in the church into a Care Group. Over the next two months, there will be 3 Care Group lunches following the Sunday church service. You will receive an invitation in your church mailbox for the lunch for your Care Group. We encourage you to attend this lunch. There will be no cost to you, it will not be long and children are invited, also. It is mainly just a chance for you to visit, over lunch, with others in your Care Group. Please let the Elder in charge of your lunch know if you can attend. 

You should have received a letter from the Elder responsible for your Care group this summer but if you don't remember or are curious about which Care Group you are part of, check it out on the Elders' Information Board in the gym. If you are not included on a list, please speak to any of the Elders (listed below) and we will put you into one of the Care Groups. 

We look forward to seeing you at the lunch for your Care Group:

  • Oct 20 - Dave L's Care Groups
  • Nov. 3 - Wendy B's Care Groups