Outreach Opportunities at Advent

As we have looked at the many names for Jesus and read some of Isaiah we can appreciate how long Simeon waited and believed that he would see the Christ. As we enter Advent this year are we believing and expecting to see Christ again in our midst and in the midst of our world? As part of our personal and congregational reflection during this season of ADVENT the Outreach Team would like to provide opportunities for all of us to share in our wider ministries or to help others in our city with their special needs.

Donations  can be made at any time during Advent for :the Bannisters, or the Nachos, CBM's Children of Hope, Inn from the Cold or CUPS One World Development and Parent Education Centre

Be sure to mark your envelope so we know where you want the money to go. For convenience there will be envelopes in the pews each Sunday in Advent. Indicate your church envelope number or provide your name and address for receipt purposes. Cheques should be made out to Altadore Baptist Church. Use the memo line to specify the recipient. For Missionary Partners these donations will be divided equally unless you specify by name.  Donations can be put in the regular offering, OR donations can be dropped in the donation box in the gym on any Sunday in Advent

Dec 8  Week 2 of Advent    FAITH   

Our Partners in Mission

  • Tim and Diane Bannister (returning to Kenya)         
  • David and Suzannah Nacho (with CBM in Bolivia)

 Please check their letters on the Outreach Board and note that the Nachos now have a blog at nachofamily.org. The photos are fabulous.