Fall Clean-up at Altadore

Here are a few of things that would be nice to clean up before the snow flies!

  • There are a large number of empty planters beside the shed on the east side of the church. Please take home any you can re-use or recycle, otherwise they will be thrown away.
  • Now that the city uses the black bins, we no longer need the old wooden garbage can pen on the south side of the church. If someone could take on cleaning this out and dsmantling it, we’d sure appreciate getting rid of this eyesore!
  • The four square cream-upholstered armchairs that are in the lounge need a new home (they came from a room above the library). If someone could arrange to take or donate them; otherwise or they will be thrown away .
  • The two blue wooden square planters by the doors are leaking and badly staining the concrete. They will be thrown away once the flowers die unless someone would like to take them home.
  • The brass mailbox needs to be cleaned up and spray painted white or replaced with a good quality white metal mailbox. We’d love for someone to take this project on!
  • The marble church dedication sign needs to have the letters darkened so they can be read again. If anyone knows of someone who does this kind of specialized work, please have them contact the office.