2014 Lent Devotional Book

Lent is an important season of the year to nurture our inner life. It is the time during which we prepare ourselves to celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus. As well, we celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection which takes place within us. Lent is also the season, given to us by the Christian Church, structured to help make sense of this suffering and pain that must come in order for spiritual transformation to occur.

Henri Nouwen notes, β€œThe death and resurrection of Jesus therefore is not just an historical event that took place a long time ago, but an inner event that takes place in our own heart when we are willing to be attentive to it. True repentance is an interior attitude in which we are willing to let go of everything that prevents us from growing into spiritual maturity, and there is hardly a moment in our lives in which we are not invited to detach ourselves from certain ways of thinking, ways of speaking, ways of acting, that for a long time gave us energy, but that always
again need to be reviewed and recreated.” (Taken from Called to Life, Called to Love)

For the ninth year, Altadore Baptist Church has gifted people within our church with a Lenten Devotional booklet which has been prepared by the people among us. Children, families, individuals and couples have hosted and reflected upon a Scripture passage chosen for each day. They listened to it, were blessed by its truth, and then shared their insights so that we can be encouraged and challenged for our own journey of faith. For this gift, we can all be grateful.

We trust that the 2014 Lenten Devotional will be a source of encouragement, blessing and guidance for your experience of spiritual transformation during this Lenten season.

A very grateful thank you to Colleen Milton and Ed Peasgood for collecting, printing, editing and collating this booklet.

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