Our Legacy Through Eve

Wednesday, Jan 28th - 1 – 2:30 pm - Altadore Church Library

This year’s Great Canadian Bible Study looks our legacy as women through Eve’s story in Genesis 1-3. Some see Eve as a great temptress to be subdued while others admire her independence in grasping at the tree of knowledge. What can we learn about our original design and our fatal flaw that God would want us to understand as he molds us into the likeness of Christ? We encourage all women to take the time to meet and share in this study. 

The details of the study can be found here

(Participants are asked to bring a $2 donation to support victims of sexual violence in the DR Congo.

Join with women across Canada to be part of this movement of healing and hope by participating in the Great Canadian Bible Study – January 2015! 

Contact Wendy B to arrange for the study materials.