More Details on the "Re-Birth" option

Last week the church received a brief outline of what would happen with Option 1 and 2 and gave an introduction into the Third Option. Following is a bit more detail around the Third Option, or re-birth. We’re looking at this option as an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach, one made up of smaller steps that build on each other so that over time, achieve significant change.

If this option is chosen by the church, we plan on starting with these steps:

  • Step 1 - Search Committee - This is a known entity, overall it will be of a similar form to the previous search committee that was put together in 2013. One difference is that search committee will be not have one of the advantages the 2013 group had, in the work that the moving forward group task group did in determining what the church wanted in a Senior Pastor, this will be the first significant step for this group.
  • Step 2 - CBM Discover / Ministry discovery. You got an introduction to this in last week's Current Events where an outline to this was included. This will give follow a process for the Church, together, to determine where what we want to focus on as a church, what ministries we want to take on, ultimately, where God is calling us to be. 
  • Step 3 - Governance. Probably the least exciting of the steps, but still important. This will look at how we can improve how we make decisions, both big and small, so that we can effectively take on the initiatives that the Ministry Discovery step uncovers. This will be attempting to find the sweet spot where we can move on things as a church family, but without having so much structure that we get bogged down in things. One where the leadership is empowered and effective and the congregation is informed and engaged.
  • Step 4 - New leadership - This step is more than just finding individuals to work with the governance; this plank looks at the development of a nominating committee with an expanded mandate. A group that that prayerfully attempts to match people's giftedness to various ministry areas within the church and the jobs/roles that need to be accomplished within the church. Additionally this group could look at ways to help the people in the church to discover, develop and support their individual strengths and find the places in the church body where that best suits their giftedness. When we participate in something that brings us joy it ends up being life giving.  That is the hope of a nominating committee - to equip the church in a way that brings joy and life into those participating in the church.
  • Step 5 - Leadership and Church Family development sessions - And lastly, to support these initiatives, we will offer a series of development sessions over the next few months where we can find new ways to grow individually and corporately. This is the step that is hardest to give details on, at this point, because much of the work in this step will be in reaction to and to support the other four steps.