CBWC Events

Assembly – The Gathering

April 22-25, Westview Baptist Church

We want to encourage those who live in close proximity to Calgary to join with us as a “Single Day” or “Session” Visitor. This opportunity is available by making a donation commensurate with the portion you wish to attend, however we do not want finances to limit participation and hope everyone who is able can join with us. Meals need to be booked ahead at $15.00 for lunch and $20.00 for dinner. Workshops are first-come first-served basis. The host church, Westview Baptist, could also use some volunteer help over the weekend. See cbwc.ca/event/gathering or the bulletin boards for more information!

CBWC Calgary Leadership Forum

Monday March 23, 6:45 pm - 9:00pm

Westview Baptist Church 1313 Ranchlands Way NW

Topic: How do we have respectful dialogue on hot button issues? Please RSVP to rolson@cbwc.ca