Sunday Service Changes - Keeping Things Interesting!

One of the changes we have experienced recently is instead of having both the doxology and an offering prayer, we have done one or the other. This initiative is based on the concept that the doxology is by nature a sung prayer (as are all of our songs). Through the doxology we acknowledge that every blessing comes from God and he is worthy of our praise. By making this minor change, we can also create space in our services for new features and practises to arise. 

On Sunday April 19th, we will have a “new” experince called the “Altadore Informal”. Many of you remember the days of adult electives and we are bringing it back! Instead of having a worship service, we will be meeting in the gym at 10 am for an opportunity to choose between 2 electives. This will be a chance for everyone to engage with others in their church community, in meaningful conversation about spiritual topics. (There will also be a space provided for personal silence and prayer.) This experience is about us encouraging and supporting each other in our spiritual walk. Prepare to be challenged and changed!