Refugee Sponsorship Update

Altadore signed on as cosponsor for an Iraqi refugee family on January 21 with a Calgary man named Aws and his sister, Zinah.  Aws and Zinah's cousin, wife and 2 young children lived in an area in Iraq where life is not good with their ethnic background.  We have been attempting to get this sponsorship signed for over a month.  We required a good contract before entering into the sponsorship.  Roland Rochow has been most helpful and the Leadership Team very supportive of this second sponsorship. In this sponsorship, Aws and Zinah will be looking after all the financial and other needs of the family we are sponsoring.  Glenn Malcolm and Marilyn Kaiser are representing our church with this sponsorship.  After meeting at the bank the other night, Aws sent an email that said, "I would like to thank you on behalf of my big family for the kind of support you are providing." 
Concerning, Peter and Mary, we are still waiting to hear of their arrival date in Calgary and their final acceptance.  We have rented a home for them in Dalhousie trusting that the final approval comes through, and the sponsorship group will be moving the many articles so graciously donated by Altadore, Bonavista and Northmount Baptist Churches into Peter and Mary's new home in the next week.  Thank so much for your support of these two.  Please continue to pray for travel plans to be put together promptly.