Update from the Leadership Core

We are pleased to confirm the plans for Sunday School and Youth Group for the fall.

Alicia has been engaged to plan and organize the materials for a Sunday School curriculum for ages 3 to 11 from now until January. The concept is to offer a ‘one room’ school program given the number of children and resources available. Linda R has been reaching out to people to be teachers or helpers for the program. If you are interested and can offer a Sunday or two please let Linda R know. Alicia will do the schedule based on people’s availability. Sunday School will start on September 16th when we will also be having our Celebration Sunday service and potluck lunch. The Pray and Play program will continue this Sunday, September 9th.

Phil D has been engaged (with the support of Jade) to plan and lead a mid-week Youth Group every 2 weeks starting September 14th for ages 12 to 17. Again because of numbers and resources this will be a joint program for all.

Please pray for our Sunday School and Youth Group programs / activities and the leaders / volunteers. May God bless the children and young people who will be attending these programs.