Update from the Leadership Core

Vulnerable Persons Policy Review - Thank you to all who attended the review of the policy on Sunday. There will be another review after the Kairos Blanket Exercise on Sunday, November 25th. It is a requirement of ABC’s insurance to have a Vulnerable Person Policy and to review it periodically with volunteers and staff. Staff and volunteers involved in children’s ministries, nursery, youth group, Playtime, visiting seniors or other vulnerable persons in their home or transporting children or youth are required to review the policy and attend a review session. Please plan to attend on November 25th if you were not able to join us last Sunday and if you are involved in any of these ministries.

Door Repair - The glass doors into the main foyer of the church are in need of repair and brought up to current building code. This will proceed shortly.

Locking of Glass Doors - The glass doors into the main foyer of the church will be locked on Sunday mornings at approximately 10:15. A sign will ask latecomers to use the wooden sanctuary doors. This is being done to provide greater security for the volunteers and children in the nursery and for the church’s and personal possessions. Everyone is encouraged to arrive at church early and enter the sanctuary prior to the start of the worship service.