Refugee Sponsorship Update

Over 2 years ago, ABC agreed to be a ‘Signature Only Sponsor’ in cooperation with CBWC for Dr. Aws M. who was financially sponsoring his cousin and family as refugees to Canada. The arrangement was that Dr. M. had the financial resources required by the Canadian Government to support the family for one year before the application could be approved. Every sponsor is required to make application through an organization which is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder. CBWC is such an organization but cannot provide actual support for applications. So ABC stepped in to be a signature only sponsor.

ABC was a co-signatory on the bank account in which the required amount of money was held. The good news is that Dr. M’s cousin, Ahmed, along with his wife and 2 children, finally arrived in Canada in May. In the meantime Dr. M obtained a position at a hospital in Grand Prairie so Ahmed and his family moved to Grand Prairie when they arrived. Dr. M had secured accommodation for them and has been helping with all of the transitioning. Reports are the family is doing very well, and they have postdated cheques to draw on the money held in the bank account over the next year.