Leadership Update

At the Church Annual Meeting we received the summary result of the Flourishing Churches survey conducted last year.  A couple of questions centered on values:

  • What 3 areas of the church do YOU value the most?  Those who responded to the questionnaire indicated community with others, music & worship, preaching & teaching.

  • Our congregation is clear on its core values and priorities. 71% responded strongly agree/agree.

  • Congregation clearly communicates its core values to members and attenders. 62% strongly agree/agree.

  • Our core values and teachings shape our culture.  64% responded strongly agree/agree.

Altadore’s values come out of a vision collectively developed some years ago.  The Vison and values are always published in the Annual Report and you can read complete statements there or ask in the office to email you a copy. The short version of the vision is:

  • Deeper in our relationship with God.

  • Higher in our expression of our love for God.

  • Further in our service to all of God’s creation.

It is good to remember that this vision is personal as well as corporate.  How can you assist Altadore in fulfilling the vision and what do you need personally to do to make them even more central to your life?

Over the next several weeks, the Leadership Core is committed to referring to the values so that we as a congregation can together continue to live out these values in our teachings, our actions and our worship.