Refugee Sponsorship Update

Calgary Baptists For Refugees, a partnership between Northmount, Bonavista and Altadore Baptist churches, has commenced a private sponsorship for a mother and adult son from Aleppo, Syria.  Mary and Peter are Christians who have friends in Calgary at an Arabic speaking church in northwest Calgary. 

We would appreciate your prayers that this application would be approved by the Canadian government and for our churches as we plan for the many details for Peter's and Mary's arrival.  If you would like to be involved in any way in this process, please contact those in our church who are working with this sponsorship:  Marilyn Kaiser, Steve Hill or Wendy Burnham.   We will be able to be more specific about areas where help is needed after our next meeting
in the middle of December.

Thank you for your support in sponsoring refugees.  At Christmas, when we think of Joseph and Mary arriving in Bethlehem with no welcome, it is a joy to think of being able to welcome two people who presently are not welcomed in either their own country or in refugee camps and who are unable to make a life in the country in which they are living.