Refugee Sponsorship Household Shower

The Canadian Baptists For Refugees team has put together a detailed list of household goods to ‘shower’ our family with a completely stocked apartment.  Each of the churches has a partial list of these items.  Altadore’s list is posted on an easel in the gym.  If you can participate, please review the list, select the item(s) you would like to contribute, take the yellow sticky and print your name and phone number on the poster board under the sticky.  Please plan to bring your item(s) to a ‘shower’ day.  The first one will be held Sunday morning, January 17th.

There is also a list of furniture requests.  Because there are 3 churches involved, we will be reviewing furniture donation offers to confirm ‘the fit’ and to avoid duplication.  If you have furniture to donate or questions, please contact Marilyn at 403.474.1742 or Steve Hill (weekends) at 587.777.2921.  Steve is heading up a ‘transportation & pick-up team’ and could use some more volunteers when the accommodation is ready.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the refugee program.