MCC Canada School Kits

For several autumns now, Bernice Cass has been coordinating Altadoreans to assemble and donate School Kits for MCC Canada and Ten Thousand Villages.  You can learn more about this worthwhile initiative at:

Bernice will be providing the bags to fill in the coming weeks, but if you would like to shop now while supplies are easily available, here is the list (each kit should contain these same items):

·        4 spiral notebooks (140 pages each)

·        8 unsharpened pencils (2B preferred)

·        1 ruler (flat flexible plastic, 12 in/30 cm)

·        12 coloured pencils (in package)

·        1 large pencil eraser

We hope you will support this project again this fall!  Bags must be in by Sunday, September 27th.