Leadership Core Update

Dreams Team: Mark D, Val W and Paul H have agreed to join Pastor Judy on the Dreams Team. (Immigrant & Refuge and First Nations Ministry Research planning task force).

Staffing & Grant: We have received a Federal Grant for one student position for the summer, which will pay for a portion of the costs for our research consultant. Denis S has been hired for the position and he will be starting May 1st. Denis is enrolled in a Masters in Social Work at U of C. His current practicum is with Calgary Catholic Immigration Services (CCIS) which will be a source of information for the Immigrant & Refugee situation and assistance in Calgary. Denis and his wife came to Canada 4 years ago and while living in Vancouver attended First Baptist Church. In addition, there is a student at Mount Royal University that is enrolled in Indigenous Studies who is interested in volunteering with our First Nations research.

ABC’s 65th Anniversary: 2019 is the 65th anniversary of the opening of our original building which included a gym, washrooms, a small kitchen and offices on the main floor. An excerpt from the Altadore Baptist Church: The First Fifty Years publication, “On January 3, 1954 Sunday School began meeting in the new building …and on January 10 the new building was dedicated. It was a joyous occasion; we now had our own space. Having our own facility enabled us to add a morning worship service, which followed Sunday School.” We are setting up a Celebration Team to plan activities around the anniversary.